February 10, 2010

Remix me...

Danish legends Laid Back has remixed the Lars and The Hands of Light track Me Me Me. The remix features vocals from John Guldberg and has that classic Laid Back feel to it. Even I, who’s a notorious non-fan of remixes, cannot ignore how utterly cool this one is.
+ Me Me Me (Laid Back remix)

No Blood in Bones and Fontän will be playing at Studenterhuset in Copenhagen Friday evening. The No Blood in Bones set will only consist of 5 songs, but since Fontän sounds pretty cool as well (today is the first time I’ve ever listened to them), I’m seriously considering going!
+ No Blood In BonesHeadphones
+ FontänEarly Morning

RCRD LBL shares
a The Juan MacLean remix of the Spleen United track Suburbia. Great seeing the band getting some well deserved exposure on a prominent website, though, I cannot honestly say that I like the remix!

Since this has more or less turned into a remix themed post, this remix of the Animal Collective track My Girls is surprisingly listenable. 2 fine remixes in the same post has to be a personal best!
+ My Girls (Mike Monday Unofficial Remix)

Indie label 24 Hour Service Station will release a 32 track double CD named Ceremony - a New Order tribute - on February 20. The release is dedicated to the late Tony Wilson and contains 31 cover versions of various New Order tracks (by various artists) as well as “a sonically enhanced spoken word dedication to Tony Wilson to introduce the record” by Peter Hook.

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