March 3, 2010

Mailbox cleaning...

Another post and another day dedicated to reducing the size of the inbox. Began the day having 2,105 mails in the inbox of which 140 have now been deleted and another 28 moved to a folder ingeniously named “pending”. “Pending” meaning that the promo tracks have been downloaded and the mails filed so information can easily be found. But that you had probably already figured out yourself! This is a small sample I know, but a quick calculation indicates that out 6 mails only one will catch my interest, which unfortunately is pretty much as I expected. I do realize that this is my favorite whining topic, but for every gem you find, you have to work your way through lots and lots of junk! But enough about that! Instead let’s take a look at the few songs that in the end survived the long trip from the inbox via the pending folder (and the ensuing scrutiny) to the blog!

+ World AtlasThe Winter Stories
Of course I like this track and it's perfectly titled for cold days like these. But if I didn’t know better, I could have sworn that this was Belle & Sebastian!

+ KissesBermuda
Really cool disco inspired track by the L.A. duo. First single from their forthcoming The Heart of the Nightlife album, which has been in the making for quite some time (if the band’s Myspace blog is to be trusted)!

+ Summer CatsTV Guide
And we get right back on the indie pop track with this; the new single by Summer Cats. Upbeat, just a little bit noisy, catchy (as this stuff always is) and completely dominated by that insisting organ.

+ 4fodStreetsinglen
Don’t think that I’ll ever be a fan of hip hop, as the music is to monotonous and boring for my taste. But this Street Single (which I’ve learned today, is a track especially produced to help promoting their forthcoming album without actually being included on it) by Danish trio 4fod is a real pleasant surprise. Or should I say a monster surprise, as I quite like it? Yo!

Planning to continue the cleaning tomorrow!

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