March 4, 2010

The cleaning continues...

Another batch of songs found in the mailbox. Still 1,917 mails left in the inbox.

+ Air Waves - Sweetness
Real energetic indie pop (though the promo mail calls it "a medley of folk, rock, pop, and country" - did they mail out the wrong promo track?). And catchy too!

+ Wakey!Wakey! - Twenty Two
Contains whistling! I like that...and the song itself is pretty good too!

+ Andrew Watt and The Glory Glory - One Day at a Time
"Just" another melodic pop song. Never can get too many of those; can we?

+ Wires in the Walls - Twin Jet Engines
Instantly likeable indie pop with singer-songwriter/country influences. Two listens and I had to mail and ask for the rest of the tracks from the forthcoming Call Signs EP.

+ Tobias Fröberg - When We Go To War
Nice new single from the Swedish workaholic.

+ Pretty Lights - I Can See It In Your Face
Just like the 4fod track yesterday this is not something I'd normal enjoy or even think of posting. Call it electro jazz or instrumental hip-hop for all I care. It's annoying and simply irresistible.

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