March 15, 2010

Music Monday (from the mailbox)...

It’s Monday and I’m simply too tired (as always) to write anything today. But not too tired to check a few mails (some of them dating back as far as last October), so here’s another one of those “look what I have found in the inbox today” posts! Am suspecting that this could very well turn into a regular Monday feature? Time will show!

+ Elizabeth & the Catapult - Race You
+ Pacific Theater - Lions
+ Bright Light Bright Light - A New World To Say
+ Popular Damage - Exclusive
+ Blasfemea - Maria

Checking and checking...some seriously horrible stuff among today's downloads...I know I've asked this question a number of times before, but who is paying for this, as it going to take more than a miracle for some of the artists to sell one single copy of their release? The PR people aren't doing this for free - are they?

1 comment:

Parklife said...

I especially like the Pacific Theater one - reminds me a bit of Kashmir!