March 16, 2010

Music Tuesday (from the mailbox)...

This looks familiar you say? Damn right you are! But you see! Everyone’s heading for Austin these days, so I bet only a handful of people will notice if I cut corners and post yet another “from the mailbox” post. And deleting 200+ emails yesterday really felt great, and I bet the feeling will be pretty much the same should I get rid of another bunch today. So here we go again!

+ Chinese Christmas Cards - Welcome To Life
+ Bear In Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers
+ The Betwitched Hands on the Top of Our Heads - Hard To Cry
+ Eytan - Do It For Me
+ Seabear - Lion Face Boy

Checking, reading, downloading, deleting, scratching my head, rolling eyes, convincing myself this is not a joke etc.....Crossing my fingers hoping for a better success rate than yesterday! But as we say in Danish..."der er sgu langt mellem snapsene!"...

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