May 19, 2010

Gossip girl (and boy) choir...

A little more than a year ago we had to say farewell to Oliver North Boy Choir, but the band’s music is still around. Perhaps more than ever, as the trio’s delicate cover version of the JAMC track Teenage Lust is featured in an episode of American soap Gossip Girl. A part of the episode in question can be streamed right here (fast forward to 0:47 ) and please don’t start posting any bullshit about the quality of the dialogue and the acting. Just be happy that a great band (dead or alive) has gotten a chance like this to have their music heard by millions of TV viewers. And perhaps even earn a few greenbacks? At the Copenhagen Popfest I tried to convince Mikkel and Ivan to bring the band back to life (and EPO-555 as well, while I was at it – both bands are sorely missed), but I wouldn’t put money on either band reuniting any time soon (if ever) if I were you! A good handful of b-sides plus remixes and cover versions of various other tracks are still free to download from the band’s webpage.
+ Tonight
+ Baby Cool (Good Luck Casper remix)

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