May 10, 2010

In the pillory...

Friday I was joking (and being a little bit serious as well) about posting a list of “the worst songs from the mailbox”. But having given it serious considerations this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that it just ain’t going to happen. After all, who am I to ridicule musicians or artists in general? You see! I have no talent for writing music, know absolutely nothing about recording it and cannot even play an instrument (failed miserably when trying to learn to play the piano 30 years ago). Instead shouldn’t my approach always be that even though I don’t like the music, I should at least look at their skills with some envy? Or let’s turn it around! Would I enjoy seeing one my blogposts (or the blog in its entirety) listed among “the worst stuff found on the internet”? It probably wouldn’t be quite unreasonable, but still? Though I promise that nothing will change in the sense that I will continue my whining (when given the opportunity) about all the bad stuff I receive. But I’m definitely not going to put anyone in the pillory!

So let’s move on to some music instead (some good stuff of course!)…

Irish indie rock 5-piece Elspeth has mailed a new track named Mob Journalism. More electronic less rock! Puzzled about Roy Keane being listed among the influences? He’s Irish I know, but…?
+ Mob Journalism

The debut album We Are… by London trio Cha-Cha is released today. I’ve previously praised first single The Fellowship for being a “seriously infectious pop song”, and though the rest of the album never quite reaches the same glorious heights, it’s still a highly enjoyable affair!
+ The Fellowship

Check my profile and you’ll see that The Bailing by Inu is my “top track” of the past 6 months. So obviously I was pretty excited to find the band’s forthcoming debut album (to be released June 29) Not For Anyone in the mailbox this morning. Am tempted to cite myself and use parts of the above sentence; “though the rest of the album never quite reaches the same glorious heights, it’s still a highly enjoyable affair”.
+ The Bailing

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I applaud this!