May 7, 2010

More from the mailbox...

As I wrote two days ago, words are really hard to find these days. So forgive me for not be able to resist the temptation to take the easy way out and post yet another mailbox compilation. As always reading and listening have been everything from uplifting to mindboggling (in the not so positive sense of the word). At one point I was even contemplating compiling a post named “the worst from the mailbox”. Cross your fingers that it will never materialize, as it will provoke nightmares, cause your blood pressure to rise, make you regret ALL your sins and plenty of other horrid things. But for now, I’ll just stick to the old formula and post the good (or better at least) stuff.

+ The Happy Hippo FamilyUndressed Melody
Confident (but terribly named) Swedish band calls themselves “Sweden’s best band, but more people need to realize this”. Cannot say that I agree about that best band statement, but I do agree that more people need to realize that this is infact a pretty good band!

+ Apples - Caravan Of Love (Acappella)
Nice and all that, but didn't The Housemartins record something sounding exactly the same in 1986? It's the b-side of the band's very good single Theo, which will be out May 17. Two remixes of Theo were included in the promo mail, but neither does the original any justice.

+ Thieves Like Us - Forget Me Not
Nice first promo track from the band's sophomore album named Again and Again, which will be out on Shelflife Records July 6.

+ Thee Piatcions - Time (Extended version)
Italian quartet finds inspiration in psych rock of the 60'es and the alternative rock scene of the early 90'es and blends it all together nicely to create a (if not unique then at least) very intriguing sound.

More to come...on Monday...or maybe tomorrow night...?


Parklife said...

PLEASE post the worst from the mailbox - that would be fun! :-)

stytzer said...

Trust me! I wouldn't be - I've deleted the recent bad ones, but I'll make a special folder and when I have enough; then I might post them :)