May 27, 2010


Things are awfully quiet around here these days. I wish things could be different, but unfortunately that’s how it is right now!

Going to Hamburg tomorrow with 6 of my real thirsty friends. A few train stops aside, this will be my first visit to the German metropol. Have been told that it's a real cool city?

This energetic and immediately catchy track by Rob Cowen and The Dissidents has had a permanent spot on my playlists the past week.
+ Heartache

Check out the solo project Devious Delight by Northern Portrait guitarist Jesper Bonde. It will be quite interesting to follow, if this evolves into something more serious or simply is the first indication of him (co-) writing future Northern Portrait songs.

Please vote for the excellent Cause & Effect remix (entry no. 65) in the remix contest for Andy Bell's upcoming single Say What You Want!.

Following a string of EP releases Tower of Foil has finally released a debut album. Named Driving North and available at CD Baby. The album can be streamed at or download the four promo tracks for free.
+ Shaping The Sky

Two brand new tracks by cool Swedish duo Ostrich can now be streamed at Myspace.


Johannes said...

have fun in hamburg, morten!
best german city :)

stytzer said...

Thank you :)