May 3, 2010


US multi-person band Photons has gone on “indefinite hiatus”, which basically means that the band is no more. Shame really as the band wrote some wonderfully charming pop songs. And apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so!
+ Shadow
+ Choose
+ Where Were You Last Night
+ This Must Be Love

Swedish indietronica trio Pistol Disco will be supporting The Radio Dept. at Vega on May 15. What a terrible band name, but hopefully their music will grow on me, as the first listen left me somewhat unimpressed. The 6 track EP Evergreen is free to download from the band’s webpage.

Speaking of The Radio Dept. Brilliant new single The Truest Faith by Swedish duo Korallreven is out now on Acephale Records as a vinyl only release limited to 500 copies.
+ The Truest Faith


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