May 12, 2010

The worst taste in music...

Amazingly tickets are still available for the The Radio Dept. concert at Lille Vega on Saturday. One of the best bands to visit Denmark this year and they cannot sell out the damn venue? The music taste of the Danes just never ceases to disappoint me!
+ The worst taste in music

Come to think of it, I’m somewhat surprised that I don’t get contacted more often by bands via, as this service should give bands (and others) a pretty good idea of the chances of me liking their music. That's probably why US shoegazers The Band in Heaven decided to send me a mail suggesting that I should give their music a listen. So I did and I quite like it. Especially this Cranberries cover is pretty good. More songs are free to download from bandcamp.
+ Dreams (Cranberries Cover)

And while you’re over at bandcamp, why not download the fine debut album A Story of Hurt by Danish Daycare for free in exchange for your email address?
+ A Purpose To My Sins

Elspeth kindly answered my question and mailed "it's all about the magic hat". Though I'm not really sure if this made me any wiser?

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