June 8, 2010

Ginger, stars, pains and bubblegum...

Ginger Ninja will be in town on October 1 playing at Toldkammeret. This is great news of course, as this is one terrific live band, but they've picked a rather bad date, as my wife will be going out that evening. Thus making the honorable job of looking after the kiddos all mine. Guess this means that I’ll have to spend some hard earned cash on a babysitter, as I really don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the boys performing live again.
+ OnePlusOneIsThree

Chromewaves posted new track Fixed by Stars last week and my initial reaction when giving it a listen was disappointment. The problem is that I cannot help comparing every new song by the band to Elevator Love Letter, which really isn’t fair as most songs (not just ones by the band, but songs in general) pale in comparison. And Fixed is actually a pretty good song in its own right and should be judged as such.
+ Fixed

New 7” single Say No To Love by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is out today on Slumberland Records. This is yet another amazing release by the New Yorkers, which has sort of left me wondering if the band is actually capable of doing anything wrong?
+ Say No To Love

Sounding equally fuzzy and almost as great is the new single Caroline’s Radio by Bubblegum Lemonade, which is out now on Matinée Recordings as a 7” single.
+ Caroline’s Radio


Anonymous said...

take the kids with you! It's never too early to start a good musical education! :D

stytzer said...

Great idea...BUT...Daddy wants to drink beer and he's not really sure if babysitting and drinking is such a terrific combination ;-)