June 9, 2010

The best things in life...

Found the track The Best Things In Life by The Silver Seas in the mailbox a while ago and wanted to include it in one of those “mailbox cleaning” posts. But I wasn’t sure if it was OK to post it, so I opted not to. What I didn’t know back then was that it had been AOL Spinner song of the day back in April, so I doubt posting it would have created any problems. At least I hope not, as time has come to (finally) post this really catchy pop song. Taken from the forthcoming album Chateau Revenge (out on July 6).
+ The Best Things In Life

Little Lost Son by Danish folk/singer-songwriter Thomas Baz has been picked as BandBase track of the day. I featured Mr. Baz and his fine songs in a couple of posts in November 2008 and back then I was told that he was working on an album to be named The Nurse and The Knife Thrower. Apparently plans have changed somewhat, as the latest Myspace update reveals that it will be an EP release instead. No words on when and how though. Mr. Baz and his band The Bayou Four will be playing at Start! festival sometime around midnight tomorrow.
+ Little Lost Son

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend said festival this year, as I’ve been away from home far too many nights the past months. The ever returning dilemma of a father and husband…dammit!

60 seconds of new track History of Modern by OMD can now be streamed at the band’s Myspace page. Not much I admit, but enough to be impressed and plenty to (once again) make me remember those “good old days.

Cannot say that I’ve ever heard of Sweden’s Dear Martin, but this electronic pop piece that has fallen into my lap via the mailbox is quite a gem. Seriously need to check out if other recordings by the artist are equally great.
+ Sundrenched Season

And last but not least. Check this beautiful video by Mark Tholander for the Jonas Villumsen solo track Piteraq (20 Blå Celcius).

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