June 25, 2010


The holiday season is upon us, so perhaps ”shorts” would have been a more fitting title for today’s post? Going to Jutland on Monday for 5 days, so don’t check for any updates next week; consider this a service message for the three of you, who occasionally drop by to see if anything is happening!

What a pathetic effort by the Danish side against Japan yesterday. Everyone (in Denmark at least) were excited 8 months ago when Denmark qualified for the World Cup, and then this was all we got! Come on guys! Heroes die with their boots on and not with their pants down bending over.

I’ve listened to the new Kent album En Plats I Solen more than a half-dozen times, and yet I’m still not sure what to make of it. As much as I want to like the album, I just can’t help feeling somewhat indifferent when listening to it.

When you name your band Girls on Film your influences should be crystal clear to everyone who grew up during the eighties. And nice first single Highschool Dance by this new Danish trio is indeed a rather new romantic inspired piece, reminding me quite a lot of Superheroes.
+ Highschool Dance

My Name Is Legion shares their remix of the Sleep Party People track I’m Not Human At All. As always I like the original a lot better than the remix.
+ I’m Not Human At All (My Name Is Legion remix)
+ I’m Not Human At All


Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Jutland, and don't eat too much Sushi! ;)

Larry F. said...

Now you can throw your support behind the U.S.! :)

sharon said...

wish you all the best and nice blog.

TORNADO said...

P.S. Nice blog