June 23, 2010


Hopefully I'm not over interpreting the update just posted at Loney Dear’s Facebook page, but it certainly looks as if the band’s sixth album is almost finished?
+ I Am John

mp3hugger calls Heart Stab by Champagne Riotthis year’s sleeper anthem” for the Ibizan dance floors. And don't forget to download the track. It's awesome!

Register and download (for free of course) two new tracks by lastbandalive.

Den Dag by new Danish band Chadore has been getting a couple of real fine reviews over at BandBase.dk. I know the lyrics are in Danish and thus making the song less appealing to most people, but man is it catchy!
+ Den Dag

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Parklife said...

Chadore is really really nice, perfect pop with an 80s twist! (Although I don't understand a word :-)