June 2, 2010


I miss the good ol' version of Myspace. I mean the really old version. Probably no one remembers it anymore, but back then you could download (and deeplink to) songs and the search function was really useful, having a number of parameters. Especially my hunt for “new indie bands from Denmark” was quite a success and helped me find several interesting bands (e.g. Kind of girl, Anamia and Northern Portrait just to mention a few). But that was the old version and sadly today’s version is really nothing but a waste of time. Some pages could probably be called alternatives, but so far none has really appealed to me or offered what I was looking for. So finding new music has become more and more difficult and today my only source for finding new music has (almost) been narrowed down to the infamous inbox. As mentioned numerous times before I receive bags of mails everyday and once in a while I do have the luck of finding some good stuff (usually after hours of frustration). But sadly (though very logically) most mails are sent to zillions of other blogs thus making it virtually impossible to be the first to cover anything. Plus it means that the bands will have to find me and not the other way around, which actually used to be the fun part of it all. Not that being first means all that much. However being different does feel quite good and definitely something that is worth striving for. But right now it’s really difficult trying to become just that (different).
+ Anamia - Butterfly In Paris
+ Northern Portrait - Crazy

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