June 3, 2010

All smiles...

Not promising anything, but will try to be less grumpy today. I do enjoy being grumpy though!

Sink/Let It Sway is the first promo track of the forthcoming Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin album Let It Sway (available for preordering now) and it’s pretty darn good! OK! Not as fabulous as the glorious Oregon Girl, but still plenty to make one starve for more!
+ Sink/Let It Sway
+ Oregon Girl

Chris posted the monthly new track by Viola a few days ago and today I'm going to do the same. Why? Because the sun is shining, thus making me hope that it will be summer after all! And the upbeat Popsicle Summer really makes one long for the summer and therefore is a lot more listenable when there’s an outside chance of the summer actually being on its way!
+ Popsicle Summer

Roque (of Cloudberry Records) interviews Danielle, who was one of the organizers of Copenhagen Popfest. As you may recall, I thought that the Popfest was a smash and apparently chances are good that there will be a 2011 edition as well. That’s good news if you ask me! And here's to hoping that Roque will be able to go next year!

Hopefully it's no secret that the aforementioned Cloudberry Records is a true treasury, when you’re in need of a good pop song. Here's a perfect example taken from a recent release.
+ The SunbathersSea Change

And to all of you, who are feeling ignored. I currently have 2,842 mails in my inbox, so I do have plenty of work ahead of me…

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