July 7, 2010

Catching up...

As mentioned yesterday; the world has been really busy while I was away, but today I’ve been equally busy (and still am) trying my best to check updates, mails und so weiter.

I swear. Someday I’m going to find out what is so fabulous about of Montreal. Unfortunately new track Coquet Coquette doesn’t quite provide the answer either! But someday!
+ Coquet Coquette

Swedish one man project bakers at dawn is working on a new album (or more precisely a “record”, so perhaps it’ll just be an EP?) and first track published bodes really well for the album/record/whatever.
+ authority

Sky Sports predicts that Northern Portrait will end up on the cover of NME some fine day! Since Sky Sports isn't really about music at all the true purpose of the feature was to ask Stefan of the band to share his World Cup memories! Could be interesting to hear if this year's World Cup has given Stefan any "new favourite moments" (pun intended).
+ New Favourite Moment

Great new demo track The Occasional Ego-Boost by Jeremy Sparrow can now be streamed at Myspace. Recorded by Tobias a.k.a. mr. Death Valley Sleepers.

If Facebook is to be trusted the new Loney Dear album (which will be the 6th album release by mr. Svanängen) will be out on February 15 (next year I suppose, though the update doesn't say this excatly).
+ Airport Surroundings

Watch Tetris=Therapy perform an acoustic version of the track Seasick (the original version can be found on the debut album Acquaintances.
+ Seasick

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mediaChick said...

Thanks for embedding my video of T=T playing Seasick for me in Copenhagen :)