July 16, 2010


The heat is still unbearable and my brain has yet to recover from Wednesday’s short circuit.

Have you watched the Northern Portrait video I posted earlier today? If not; what exactly are you waiting for?

The great Tap Tap gives away a brilliant new track called Dry Dry Land, which is “all about Portugal”.
+ Dry Dry Land

New track Where I’m Going by Cut Copy is definitely worth “the price of an email address”.

Although my mother is from Finland, I have never bothered learning more than a few words of the incredibly complicated Finnish language (I can count to ten and do a bit of swearing). If I had, I probably would have known what Finnish trio Regina sings about. Now (like most of you) I have no clue, but their music is pretty good and the album Puutarhatrilogia was released by Friendly Fire Recordings last month.
+ Saanko Jäädä Yöksi?
+ Sinun tässä salissa

To be honest I expected it to be awful, but 8mm’s cover version of Bad Moon Rising is surprisingly decent.
+ Bad Moon Rising

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Barry said...

Wow! That Tap Tap tune is amazing.