July 14, 2010


This one will probably end up being even shorter than yesterday’s post, as the heat in my office is unbearable and my brain simply refusing to cooperate.

Told you that Peter would feature Les Incendiaries! Yes Peter! You might be predictable, but your taste in music is absolutely impeccable!

One Weekly Gun is back writing songs! Will this be a “one week wonder” or will we once again be treated to a new song every week?
+ Is Sex a Thing?

One of my all time favorite bands Cause and Effect has a brand new webpage and celebrates this by giving away a free download of the excellent Dirty 8VA Mix of Happy?

US synth-pop duo Null Device reminds me quite a lot of the aforementioned Cause & Effect and recently I’ve been feasting on free downloads from their bandcamp page.
+ Footfalls
+ Travelogue
+ The Sad Truth

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