September 10, 2010

Lazy Friday evening...

And quite a lazy one it is. The wife is out, the kids are watching some useless TV-show and I’m here by the computer having one of my favorite beers. So I guess you can say that everyone’s enjoying themselves. And that’s a nice way to end what has (in many ways) been a rather good day.

First of all I was out running 25 minutes this afternoon. Those few of you who are regulars will know that my back’s been bothering me for the past 3 weeks. Simply put, I’ve been “grounded”, as I was told that running was close to the stupidest thing I could do as long as the back was aching. But yesterday my chiropractor (finally) told me it was ok to start running again and though I’m obviously light-years away from marathon shape, I’m still confident that this was the first small step toward better days.

And even earlier today I bought a ticket for the Divine Comedy concert at Lille Vega on October 23. At first when the concert date was announced I was rather frustrated, because I expected that I'd be away on holiday at that time. But plans have been changed, so time has come for my first Divine Comedy live experience! Heard it should be great!?

Finally I bought two CD’s today, which I believe are the first in perhaps six months. I hate to admit it, but I’ve completely changed my old music purchasing habits this year and no longer invest my cash in them golden discs. But today I just had to! The first one was the new album by Kent. I still think it’s a somewhat disappointing release, but since I'm calling myself a Kent fan it simply doesn’t make sense not buying the bands releases. The second album was The Suburbs and the reason for this purchase is really very simple, as it's by far the best release of the year and I need to be able to hear it everywhere (car, stereo etc.).

Yesterday Ginger Ninja guitarist Rasmus shared a video on Facebook of a Dutch band covering Sunshine. This rather alternative version generated several rather amusing comments of which my favorite was “ninjazz”. Funny!

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