October 29, 2010

Catching up - part III...

Didn't quite keep my promise from Wednesday, but there was no time for writing catching up posts yesterday. One day late, but here we go…

First of all thank you Chris for the heads up on Champagne Riot’s forthcoming release plans. So I did get the Matinée part right, but the EP won’t be called Moonstruck as I predicted (which really wasn't something I predicted, but rather something I assumed as the band itself called it just that). Instead it’ll be named Confessions of a Poker Pro and “will be a compilation of our best recordings from fall 2009 through to summer 2010”. Plans are that the EP will be released before Christmas and (my) hopes are that this one will be included (the tracklist has yet to be revealed).
+ Ingrid Bergman

Tempomatador (the sister band of The Boombox Hearts) has been rather busy lately recording songs and having their first official band photo taken. Pre-mix versions of two songs are free to download and Tidsfordriv (which means something like pastime in Danish) especially is really, really great! Assuming (here we go again) that all the hard work is supposed to lead to some kind of release…eventually?
+ Tidsfordriv

This is really how things should always work. I mentioned The Wonderland Washouts in a post 2 weeks ago and even though it was brief, it was enough to catch the interest of Peter. He decided to feature the band in his blog, which then made the band share links to both our blogs on their Facebook page!

Today Like Glass by the abovementioned The Wonderland Washouts is BandBase track of the day and on November 12 the band will play a concert at Hillerød Ny Teater, which I just realized is located in the same building where I worked from 1995 to 2001! Sometimes it really is a small world!
+ Like Glass

Sister Mary Says is the second single lifted from the OMD comeback album History of Modern. Sounding like vintage OMD and a fairly close relative to Enola Gay. The demo version of the track is still free to download from the official webpage.

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Larry F. said...

Thanks for posting the OMD video. Definitely like this final version better than the demo. Glad to have them back.