October 14, 2010

Red Box...

Went on a nostalgic Youtube trip yesterday and spent quite some time listening to a string of 80’s bands including Talk Talk, Alphaville and Visage; just mentioning a few. All thanks to receiving the information that Red Box is back and that a new album named Plenty has been released by Cherry Red Records. Greybeards like me perhaps remember the two singles Lean on Me and For America that were fairly big UK hits in the mid-80’s? If you have no recollection of neither, I can only recommend you give the two songs a listen. Should either bring back some good memories or introduce you to some true gems that have eluded you for far too long! As always I’m somewhat skeptical, when bands who have been inactive for nearly two decades suddenly decide to return as I really cannot help questioning their motives (£, $, €). But the two songs I’ve heard so far (note to self: really need to get my hands on the album) are of surprisingly high quality and raise hope that there is more to this highly unexpected and most welcomed comeback than what I’m implying.

Brighter Blue by Red Box

Hurricane by Red Box

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Fitz said...

I really love their new album. Some really beautiful moments. In addition to the band still being fronted by Simon Toulson-Clarke, the group now includes Derek Adams (formerly of The Dream Academy and The Act) and songwriter Emily Maguire. Good stuff all around.