October 8, 2010


Putting the video postings on a temporary halt!

Electro-disco-dance-pop (whatever) duo Kisses gives away a new song from their forthcoming album The Heart of the Nightlife. And no! It’s not a mistake. The track is indeed called Kisses!
+ Kisses
+ Bermuda

Stream the new (and final) album Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires by Trembling Blue Stars right here. The appropriate titled album closer No More Sad Songs is the album's definitive highlight!

Limited edition 12" vinyl Never Follow Suit by The Radio Dept. is out on November 9. As is (almost) always the case with Labrador releases the label gives away the lead track. No label does it better!
+ Never Follow Suit

Via theradiodept.com I just came across this Lo-Fi-Fnk remix of Heaven's on Fire.
+ Heaven's on Fire (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix)
+ Heaven's on Fire

The rest of the world seems to have known this for quite some time now, but Untertow by Warpaint is an absolutely fantastic song!
+ Undertow

This month's remix at Mixtoverdener.dk by an established artist is by Mikael Simpson. Not quite sure what to make of it!
+ MS Syriah

A couple of weeks back VETO posted this snippet of "what we've been working on today" at Facebook.
+ Snippet


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