November 19, 2010

Breakfast of Champions...

Boston quartet Breakfast of Champions mailed me earlier this week suggesting that with my ongoing crush on The National (surprisingly someone out there was actually paying attention!) I should perhaps try giving their music a listen as well. Since they’ve actually read a few words before mailing I thought why not check them out. However now that I’ve listened numerous times to the four tracks available (all of them free to download at bandcamp), I still have to figure out how exactly The National comes into the picture. I’m not being snide or anything, because I'm honestly enjoying the music of Breakfast of Champions. But especially the recently published (and quite brilliant) track London Fashion has a sort of melancholic sound that reminds me far more of I Like Trains than of The National. Then again; you could perhaps say that there is a slight hint of said band on a track like The City? Always been absolutely hopeless at this, so check the band out and decide for yourself what they sound like. It always works better that way!
+ London Fashion
+ The City

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Oats said...

The vocal styles are kind of similar in a vague way. I don't listen to I Like Trains (even though I like trains) so I can't really comment on that comparison.

Either way I'm glad you shared them. They're pretty good.