November 19, 2010

News from the valley...

Stream premixes of three tracks from the forthcoming Death Valley Sleepers debut album below. Still no news on when and how the album will be released, but judging from the premixes the album will definitely be worth the wait.

Left Me High

Small Town Bells

Into My Mind


Oats said...

I like that they've gotten rid of the kssshhhh noise from the background of the tracks though I don't really like the slower pace of Small Town Bells, and that is one of my favourites. It's only four minutes but it "takes a while" to listen to. Left Me High is better overall but the end isn't as strong as the original. Into My Mind is the best of the three.

I'm looking forward to hearing more.

stytzer said...

Oats - always a problem when bands re-record their demo songs. Sometimes they don't necessarily get any better, but so far I really like the "new" sound of DVS.