November 25, 2010

Various bits...

Champagne Riot writes that the track Moonstruck has been added to the P3 playlist. And indeed it’s true. In the same post they add that they (like the rest of us) have given up on Myspace!

Anyone heard of (or perhaps remember) Kind of girl; a band I used to hype? If you haven’t, now is a good time to say hello as every track released by the band is free to download at Come to think of it; the band has been awfully quiet for a long time.
+ Poetry Boy

More than once I’ve asked myself if The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is capable of doing anything wrong. Now that I’ve finally (as probably the last living soul on the planet) given new single Heart In Your Heartbreak a listen the question still rings true.
Heart In Your Heartbreak

The sophomore release (which conveniently will be titled just that) by Bubbegum Lemonade will be out on Matinée Recordings on Monday (November 29). Two intriguing promo tracks are available to sweeten the wait.
+ Caroline's Radio
+ You Only Leave Twice

If you scroll down you’ll see that I’ve (once again) added Google ads to the right column. I believe the deal is that I’m not allowed to encourage anyone to click the ads, so I won’t...

Check back for part II tomorrow.

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