December 1, 2010

Back on the horse...

OK! No more whining about the computer at home not working. If I stop turning the blind eye to the truth, fact is that 95% of the blogging I do is done from work, so what’s the big deal really? Nothing I admit, but it just feels good whining every once in a while and as you’ve probably noticed I never waste an opportunity to do just that. But I give you my word that this will be it for now.

Yes I know it is December and yes I know I (sort of) promised to I would post my annual Christmas post, but I’m afraid it won’t happen today. But do check back tomorrow and maybe then...?

Horse Shoes remixes the Champagne Riot the A Friend Of A Friend. It’s surprisingly interesting (Knut says it’s amazing) despite being really, really different from the original. Stream both versions below!
A Friend Of A Friend (Horse Shoes Remix)

A Friend Of A Friend

Emerald Park frontman Tobias Borelius will release his debut solo album early next year (January 14 to be exact) on Smaragd Records, which I suspect must be his own label? The album will contain 9 tracks “with an acoustic/electronica touch” all sung in Swedish. Stream the track Hiro below and another 4 on Facebook.

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