December 10, 2010

Kickstart The Blueflowers New Album...!

Still cannot help being somewhat sad that Ether Aura decided to split up a few years ago. As I wrote back then it probably was a direct result of the band abandoning their shoegaze inspired sound and thus needing a new band name. The new constellation was named The Blueflowers and despite all changes the debut album Watercolor Ghost Town turned out to be quite brilliant. Now the band is ready to record a second album, but finances are sparse, so in an attempt to finance the new album they've set up a Kickstart account. As it would be thrilling to hear a second album, I've obviously decided to pledge a small amount!
+ Ether Aura - Twist
+ The Blueflowers - Watercolor Ghost Town


alpo said...

Love "The Lonely Ones" video, Is that from an Ether Aura or Blueflowers CD? Thanks!

stytzer said...

finally able to reply - The Lovely Ones is a new track that (probably) will be included on the new album...