December 23, 2010


Today is only a half working day, so I better do this short, as I have a sinister suspicion that they expect some work from me today!

Emerald Park frontman Tobias Borelius shares a track from his upcoming solo album album name Du känner mig för väl, farväl. It’s in Swedish and it’s good!
+ Hiro

Me like the new Iron & Wine track Tree By The River. It can be yours for the price of an (not just any, but yours) e-mail address.

Last night I tried to grab the free to download Walls Hold Me Remix of recent White Lies single Bigger Than Us, but only available for UK residents. Fuck!

Danish electro-pop trio Tiger Baby shares the Xmas 2010 edit of new track You, which will be included on their forthcoming album. It's business as usual when it comes to Tiger Baby, as the song is dreamy, catchy and totally brilliant!
+ You (Xmas 2010 edit)

The “kickstart The Blueflowers new album” project is progressing well. With 46 days to go $847 of the $1,000 goal has been pledged.

Check this really fine RAC remix for the new Psychic Powers single Dreamboat.
 Dreamboat (RAC Remix) by psychic powers

That's it...


José Antonio said...

But We can download this remix for free Morten. ;)

Take care and Happy Christmas my friend!

José Antonio said...

ohhhh!!! I´m sorry but... This remix of White Lies song is very VERY BAD!!!! :(

I LOVE Tiger Baby new song!!! My favourite Christmas song in 2010!

And I love Psychic Powers new song too. I can´t wait for their debut album "Infinity"!!!