January 21, 2011


Lots of mails to read and plenty of music to listen to. Sadly there’s some real life work that needs to be taken care of as well, but I won’t let that stop me and plan to update this post from time to time during the day.

Right now I’m busy streaming the Psychic Powers Live Dublab “Sprout Session” (mp3). Still awaiting (some kind/any kind of) news on when the band’s debut album will be released. In February last year they announced that the album was done and in March they added that the album was going to be called Infinity. So what exactly are you guys waiting for? This is pure torture you know!

Need to check out the new single Get In Line (via Pitchfork) by I'm From Barcelona...any good? Summerlike and nice, so I guess it's pretty much as one would expect?

White LiesIs Love has been overhauled by Stereolab. Arguably the best remix I’ve heard so far of any track off Ritual, as you can actually recognize the song!

German blog Mittsommernachtsspitzen has been added to the blogroll. Cannot say I understand much of the content (never paid much attention in German class), but the blog does feature some fairly interesting artists!

What the world is waiting for? Not quite sure! But definitely good news that Jonathan Johansson will release a new single in February followed by an album in March!
Aldrig ensam by Jonathan Johansson/HYBRIS

The forthcoming Champagne Riot Moonstruck EP is now available for preordering from the Matinée Recordings site. It will be a four track affair and the fact that ace song Ingrid Bergman won’t be included made me post my dissatisfaction at the Matinée Facebook page. Matinée countered and replied “Don't worry - we have even grander plans for Ingrid!”, which made me fell all stupid, because Jimmy obviously knows a great song when he hears one and won’t waste this grand opportunity to release it. Sorry for questioning your plans, instincts, judgment etc.! I promise it won’t ever happen again!

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