January 14, 2011

From the pile...

Det Vackra Livet is the most recent band signed to Labrador and the duo consists of brothers Philip and Henrik Ekström of The Mary Onettes. So don’t be surprised if it sounds like something you’ve heard before, even if it is sung in Swedish. Positively meant btw., as the song has the typical pop charm of the brothers’ other band.
+ Viljan

Ritual, the sophomore White Lies album, has leaked and somehow a copy has landed on my computer. But before IFPI and other morons start accusing me being the sole reason for the deterioration of the music industry, I will (of course) buy a CD when it’s released on Monday (because my wife says so!). So please don’t point your guns at me! Regarding the album, I know I’ve voiced my first impressions once too often, but following four listens Ritual certainly does not have the instant catchiness of the debut, where every track (more or less) could have been picked as a single. Ritual however, I expect will be a real grower and if this is business as usual I'm probably going to rate it much higher than the debut in a few months’ time. The video below previews a few album tracks, though I suspect most people interested in the band have found a copy of the album by now?

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