January 14, 2011

Hey there...Leisure Alaska...

Andreas, guitarist of Leisure Alaska, has been so kind to mail a reply to my inquiries about what or what isn’t happening with the band. The good news is that (technically) band is still a band though it's now scattered geographically (band members living/staying in The UK and Denmark). Andreas explains that they faced adversity at a time when the band’s enthusiasm was low, which is a “classic” band killer. But future plans still include the release of an album, though they have no idea on when or even how they are going to do it, which I guess means that the band no longer is signed to a label? Let’s hope they figure things out some time…soon! Below that phenomenal video for Hey There Mr.

+ Hey There Mr. (Radio Rip)
+ Transistors In My Mind
More songs available for download from BandBase.

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Anonymous said...

It's happening 30th of October 2015!