January 26, 2011


Via The Line Of Best Fit/Something In Construction comes this first preview track (the correct title is Blues and not Loney Blues) from the forthcoming Loney Dear album Hall Music.
Loney Dear - Loney Blues by SICrecords

The William Blakes announced yesterday that the band's new album (and fourth since the debut in 2008) will be out soon. An (almost) unprecedented pace of work and you'll have to be amazed if the album is of the same quality as the first three!
+ Violent God

Spleen United are busy recording their third album (follow the progress on Facebook), but have nonetheless found the time to remix Kenton Slash Demon's Sun.
Sun (Spleen United remix) by Spleen United

Reality Bites from the upcoming two-track single by Emerald Park is absolutely ace!
Emerald Park - Reality Bites by afmusic

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