March 21, 2011

Entakt + Altmodisch + Friday night...

A very blurry mobile shot from Friday night’s Entakt/Altmodisch concert. As always I forgot to bring my camera, but the band in the pic is Entakt in case you’re not familiar with either. I enjoyed both acts immensely and I’m pretty sure that the 10-15 other people showing up did the same. This was my first ever visit to Forbrændingen (and hopefully not my last) and despite being a really cool venue its location in the outer suburbs of Copenhagen seems to make it rather difficult to attract visitors. Although the fact that it was two rather unestablished names performing probably had more to do with Friday night’s poor attendance rather than the location itself? But both bands coped with it and delivered real fine performances. Once again I was reminded that I even though I tend to think otherwise, Entakt is a rock band and enjoys playing their music loud (luckily I didn’t forget my earplugs). My only complaint should be that the setlist lacked more than a handful of my personal favorites, but since the band has more than four albums worth of music to choose from, I guess this will always be the case? The indietronica universe, to which Altmodisch belongs, has never really appealed to me (I happily admit that), but I stayed open-minded and (as stated previously) really enjoyed what I heard (and saw). So summed up it was an evening well-spent! The bands are on a small tour together and next stop will be at Huset on April 7.
+ Entakt - [Vinterbrud]
+ Entakt - Kunsten At Slippe Taget

 The night i cant recall by Altmodisch

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