March 2, 2011

Sparks and flames...

Two quick thoughts on last night’s concert; it wasn’t a waste of time, but still plenty of work left before White Lies becomes a great live act. So don’t expect to see me queuing outside the ticket office to get tickets for their next tour. And despite my recent approval, the songs on Ritual are beyond doubt weaker than the ones on the debut, as the concert reached a completely different level (Bigger Than Us aside), when the band performed songs from To lose My Life.

Bumped into Tobias of Death Valley Sleepers at the concert and had a (real) quick chat. I obviously wanted news on the band’s debut album and it sounds like it’s imminent…
+ Black Pearl

Check this new track Every Spark Deserves A Flame by Danish synth-rock trio tung_nem. I’ve featured the band a number of times and it’s beyond me how they stay unnoticed.
Every Spark Deserves A Flame by tung_nem

Have to catch Sleep Party People live someday soon. Has to be an absolutely mind-blowing experience watching five “rabbits” performing music? Here's a live version of brand new (maybe even unfinished?) track We Were Drifting On A Sad Song.

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