April 8, 2011

Cover me in purple...

Pitchfork has discovered California Wives. The band’s sudden (and much deserved) growth in popularity has (fortunately) increased the traffic to this blog as well.
+ Purple
+ Tokyo

Try not to be confused; The Boombox Hearts’ cover of Cover Me (the Bruce Springsteen song) has been covered by Cover Me (the music blog).
+ Cover Me

New 7” single There’s Something About Mary by The Hit Parade will be out on JSH Records on May 2nd. It’s a really nice though rather typical indie pop song, but the B-side tribute to Brighter is (in my opinion as always) actually the superior track of the two. Stream both songs below and make up your own mind (works better that way).
There's Something About Mary by the-hit-parade

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Michael Senchuk said...

It always amuses me how bands all of a sudden pop onto my radar screen and then all of a sudden I see them mentioned a number of places. California Wives is like that, I haven't even seen the Pitchfork article but just in the last couple of days I've seen them mentioned on a few blogs.