May 6, 2011

Day off mixtape...

Having the day off, so not sure if I'll be anywhere near a computer today. But I did spent some time yesterday plowing through an insane number of emails to dig up some interesting tunes to keep you entertained today. As always it was quite a rollercoaster ride though the number of “ups” was surprisingly high!

+ Burning Hearts - Into The Wilderness
New EP out June 21 on Shelflife Records. The promo track is really catchy, so "must" check out the entire EP.

+ New Pyjamas - Fishing
No clue how to label this, but I do think it's quite interesting. Hiding behind the alias is a 20 new old dude who "gets inspired by the greats who have become before me".

+ Hello Vegas - No One Knows
According the band they make "music you can swim to". Never thought much about what that kind music sounds like, but pretty good apparently?

+ Amanda Mair - House
This 16 year old (and obviously very talented) Kate Bush "clone" has just been signed by Labrador Records.

+ Hey Champ - Anything At All
Catchy electro-pop. No more words needed. Really!

+ Sam Roberts Band - Longitude
Yet another catchy one; this one features Elizabeth Powell (who?) of Land of Talk (who? they are from Canada apparently) on vocal!


Anonymous said...

The Sam Roberts Band is great. You should check out their previous releases too.

Parklife said...

The Burning Hearts-track is unbelievably lovely - fantastic!!!