May 7, 2011

Saturday night...

The wife’s out and the kids are watching some cartoon. So tonight the computer’s mine. Aaaall mine!

Been really tired today. Two reasons why. Had a few beers in the sun around noon; perhaps one too many. Add to this that I got up at 3 AM this morning to watch the 3rd period of the Red WingsSharks playoff game. I really wanted to watch the game, as there was a huge risk that it could be the Wings’ last of the season. But they won, so there’s at least one more left. Of course it took an hour to fall asleep again once the game was over.

Hope you have made a donation to Michael Møller's A Month Of Unrequited Love project by now? The quality of the songs so far is incredible and today's track is no exception. Looking forward to the concert at Charlottenborg on June 1, where he'll perform all 31 songs (will be lengthy one I guess). Check out a few live videos on Facebook from his performance the other day at Kaffebaren in Copenhagen. Or check back tomorrow and I’ll post them here.

Look out for a new (believe it’s their first) video by Danish band The New Investors on Monday. It’s for the track This Is The Season, which indeed has some of the catchiness that was the trademark sound of Glenn Müller’s previous band Velour.
+ This Is The Season

The Eumig & Chinon remix of Ginger Ninja’s Sunshine suddenly became very popular at Hypem last weekend thanks to this post at It’s one of the (unfortunately) very rare remixes that is not painful listening to.
+ Sunshine (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Play People will release a new single in June on This Almighty Pop! records called Never Let Me Down. Stream or download the so-called "ukulele version" below.
Never let me down (ukulele version) by playpeople

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