July 15, 2011

Bikes and golf swings...

Was far too busy yesterday monitoring Le Tour and The Open to post anything!

And two of the four Danish golfers did indeed perform terribly well and probably every Danish golf enthusiast was happy to see Thomas Bjorn facing and conquering his demons on the 16th hole. Now they (Bjorn + Anders Hansen) just need to keep the pace up for three more days; which is a whole lot easier said than done, I know!

The Tour however has turned into quite a dilemma. Should I continue rooting for Saxo Bank Sunguard as I always do, because being the “homer” I am, I obviously hope that a Danish team wins? But when the awfully likeable Schleck-brothers decided to abandon the team following last season and instead sign with Luxembourgian Team Leopard-Treak (run by a couple of Danes!), Saxo Bank as their replacement signed the not at all so likeable and all-eating cannibal Contador, whom I’ve always disliked. But he IS after all racing for a Danish team now, which suddenly makes him somewhat more likeable. So this year I’m cheering for…fuck…I don’t know…the entertainment value of The Tour I guess. And yesterday’s stage certainly was highly entertaining!

And since this is not a sports blog, here’s a couple of theme related songs (of varied quality)…

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