July 15, 2011

Friday night...

The wife’s out, the kids are watching TV, I’m having a beer and enjoying that for once the computer is mine…aaaaall mine! Really tired tonight, but having a few things I’d like to post and share, so sleep is put on hold!

Boxstr.net still isn't working. Will be quite interesting if they have the nerve to keep charging their monthly fee, but "at least" their support hasn't replied to any of my emails. Great, great service (can you spell sarcasm...s-a-r-c-a-s-m)...Fuckers!

On a far more positive note. Earlier today the always helpful and up-to-date Mikkel pointed my attention to the little known, but nonetheless absolutely brilliant Danish one-man project Flag White. The debut EP, which can be downloaded for free (or for whatever amount you wish to pay) via bandcamp, contains 5 tracks that could be described as electronic indie pop/rock with a twist of shoegaze. Totally likeable stuff!
+ Of Laughter And Forgetting

More positive news comes from The Boombox Hearts, who are in the studio recording a good old-fashioned single (though not so old-fashioned that there will be any physical copies) with an a-side (the hit) and a b-side (which they expect that no one will give a damn about). Btw. Ivan of the band thinks we should all listen to the new single by Halasan Bazar, which indeed is very nice and reminds me a bit of The Rumour Said Fire!
  You Will Know by Halasan Bazar

You've probably all grabbed it by now, but still worth mentioning that Labrador gives away a 22-track sampler called Stockholm.
+ Sambassadeur - Days

She Wants Revenge shares a demo version of the track These Things.
  These Things (demo) by DJ Adam 12

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