September 9, 2011

Don't you move...

If you enjoyed the live video of No Patience by Go For Gold (I certainly did and still do), don’t forget that the band’s debut EP is free to download from the band’s homepage.
+ No Patience

Not to be missed. Michael Møller will be performing solo at the beautiful Louisiana Art Museum on Friday 23rd.
Michael Møller - As You Walk Away

Perhaps some will argue that the low number of blog updates recently indicates that I’m losing interest in the blog, but seriously; the stuff I feel is worth passing on gets rarer and rarer.

This new track by The New Division is pretty nice though. Thank you (once again) J.A. for the heads up! Your recommendations are priceless!
Shallow Play by The New Division

And here’s one more from J.A. Used to post about Bauer when they were called Barfly (what feels like a billion years ago – anyone remember Don’t You Move?) and the new single Change Forever proves that the band still knows how to write a decent pop song!
Change Forever (Free Download Single) by bauermusic

Don't You Move by bauermusic

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