October 24, 2011

Friday night...

Went to Copenhagen Friday evening and left wife and kids (plus car) at my mother-in-law's (this piece of info gets sort of relevant later). First stop (after the required shawarma) was meeting Tempomatador underneath Copenhagen soil in the band’s rehearsal room (an old either cold war or Second World War bunker). The band was rehearsing for an upcoming semi-acoustic concert and I believe I caught the second half of the set; and it sounded pretty good (though I was later told that he sound in the bunker is far from perfect; fuck that – what do I know and no matter what you say, I enjoyed it…). Following a short break the band had apparently had enough of the acoustic softness and tuned things up (the only time that night I needed my earplugs). But before kicking off the band tried to encourage me to grab an instrument (any instrument) and join the party, so for the first time in 30 years I honestly cursed that in my youthful ignorance I decided to skip piano lessons and bet on a soccer career instead (which needless to say led absolutely nowhere). Sadly meaning no special guest star appearance by yours truly on bongo drums or triangle, though I did relentless tap my feet during the whole thing. Sitting there I realized it was the first time ever I witnessed a band rehearsing, so quite funny hearing their comments, though a few internal jokes probably went over my head (what’s the problem with them Rolling Stones drums?).

Next stop Stengade and during the walk with Mr. Boombox to the venue, my wife suddenly called telling me that she had forgotten her own car keys, so they had to spend the night at her mom’s…and it would be much appreciated if I could come and pick them up in the morning at around 8.30 (am and sadly not pm). So with the prospect of only a few hours’ sleep, it unfortunately meant that I had to reduce the beer consumption as hangovers and little sleep is probably the worst combination imaginable.

First band on stage at Stengade was recently founded duo The Golden Ratio (one half being Jonas of old blog favorites, but now sadly split-up Entakt). The band’s laid back folk pop sounded absolutely wonderful, as one would expect after watching the two live videos I’ve previously posted; though perhaps not the perfect choice to get a party started (assuming that my assumption is correct that people going out on a Friday night wants to party)? Talked briefly to Jonas afterwards and he agreed that the band needs a few more “rock tracks”, which they are in fact working on. But people (myself included) seemed to be enjoying themselves, so everything was just swell.

Second band on stage was the much hyped From Sarah. When posting the video for Demons I wrote that it reminded me quite a lot of Kashmir. Now that I’ve seen the band live I’m going to say exactly the same again. No that it should matter, because the trio is a brilliant live band (at least I thought so) and the quality of the songs was surprisingly high. But in some ways it was just frustrating that I couldn’t listen to the music on its own premises without constantly thinking of another band! The hype is understandable though!

Here ends the story…unless you should be interested in hearing about a tired train ride home, far too few hours of sleep and getting up early Saturday morning to catch another train…and I guess you’re not!

Vender mig og glemmer dig by tempomatador (several songs are free to download from the band's blog)

Cover Me by The Boombox Hearts

This is No Season for Swimming by The Golden Ratio (DK/SE)

Demons by From Sarah

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Ivan said...

Det var nemlig super hyggeligt som altid! Og ingenting i vejen med Stones' trommer, han spiller bare hi-hat på en karakteristisk måde :-).