December 2, 2011

Today you could perhaps...

Stream this rough mix of new track Different City by Architecture. Cannot wait to hear the final mix.
different city (rough mix) by architecture!

Stream/download new track Modern Mess by Digits.
Modern Mess by digits

Watch a few videos of Northern Portrait performing a couple of songs unplugged on their recent excursion to Italy.

Order the perfect new Strawberry Whiplash 7" single Stop, Look and Listen.
+ Stop, Look and Listen

Stream the Ever The Optimist EP by The Kick Inside if you (like me) cannot get enough of jangling guitar pop.
A Matter of Convenience by The Kick Inside

Do a little Christmas shopping at Labrador, who are selling all CD releases for €9 each (including freight).
+ The Radio Dept. - The Worst Taste In Music

...or just do something completely different!


Juan Luis said...

Rise to the occasion! I have just done it.

stytzer said...

Excellent :)