February 3, 2012

There is a reason...

I’ve been nagging Andreas of Danish band It’s A Synth a few times recently asking for new tracks, as I’ve “grown tired” of listening to the same pair of tracks that’s been available for some time now. So far the band has been somewhat reluctant to share any new recordings, holding the cards close to the chest. But the other day he recalled that a third track had actually been uploaded a few months ago to the sangskriver (songwriter) page at DR, where it had received some pretty decent feedback from Tim Christensen (yup – that TC). The song has now been uploaded to SoundCloud as well, thus increasing the number of songs available by a staggering 50%! As always I’ll let the music speak for itself, but there is a reason (pun intended) for the band name…not sure if more songs are in the making, but they are definitely busy making plans...

Pen to Paper by It's a Synth

 Steps by It's a Synth

 Endless Endeavour by It's a Synth

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