March 12, 2012

The finger in the strawberry park...

Has to be match-up post title of the year? Anyway...three real interesting albums (one of them as a CD, which is pretty rare these days) arrived in the mailbox this weekend and it's my intention to spend some time (a lot of time actually) today, and probably tomorrow as well, giving them quite a few listens. I sort of expect all three of them to be worth the time and effort. In case you're wondering or interested these are the albums (will add some thoughts on each album during the day):

Emerald Park - Absolute Zero
They still write some pretty damn fine pop songs. But the sound is a little more "indie" and less "polished" than on the debut. I like that!

The Finger - I Don't Believe My Eyes
Expecting an album worth of energetic pop songs...this band reminds me a lot of a real positive way!

Strawberry Whiplash - Hits In The Car
Been told that I should prepare myself for "treat". Will be interesting!


Emerald Park - Things by afmusic

 I Don't Believe My Eyes by the finger

Another April by Strawberry Whiplash

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