March 9, 2012

SXSW vs. Rome...

Not exactly breaking news that I won't be going to SXSW this year...either! I really wish I was (like I always do), because that way the hundreds of emails coming my way promotion various showcases at said festival could perhaps be of some use. Instead I've spent the past 6 months preparing for a Marathon, so on Friday March 16 I'll be flying to Rome (that's the capital of Italy, if you somehow ignorantly thought I was thinking of any of the American equivalents) instead of Austin, where we on Sunday March 18 will run the 42.195 kms (or 26 miles 385 yards) in hopefully less than 4 hours. As stupid as you may think I am, I actually prefer the Marathon to the SXSW, as it's probably better for your general health with far less junkfood and beers being consumed. But if (and that's quite a big IF to be honest) I was going to the festival, I would probably try to catch shows by these artists (or at least by some of them)...

+ Bear in Heaven - The Reflection Of You
+ The Drums - Money
+ I Got You On Tape - Chuch of the Real

People will probably have a ball no matter what, but so far I'm slightly underwhelmed by the line-up/schedule...will give it another look!

+ A Classic Education - Baby, It's Fine


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