March 6, 2012

Hits in the car...

On March 27 the debut album from noise pop (or so they are labeled) Scottish act Strawberry Whiplash is finally being released by Matinée Recordings, but preorders are already gladly accepted via the Matinée Shop. As mentioned in a few older posts, the album will be entitled Hits In The Car, thus now and forever securing that it will top the list of “the best album titles ever”! New track Now I Know It’s You was uploaded for streaming yesterday and sounds absolutely sweet; not very noisy, just wonderfully sweet. And so does first single Stop, Look and Listen, so odds seem pretty good that this will be more (a lot more) than just a great titled album!

 Now I Know It's You by Strawberry Whiplash

Stop, Look And Listen by Strawberry Whiplash

+ Stop, Look and Listen

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