March 8, 2012


Just a couple of quick ones...

Check the line-up for this year's NYC Popfest and start drooling...looks pretty good don't you think!?

The new Sleep Party People track Chin is doing terribly on the Hypem Popular chart. Go heart it please! Musically I think they've move on quite a bit since the debut (A Dark Good Heart was a nice first step), but the (trademark?) vocals make the band very recognizable...perhaps a little too recognizable?
Sleep Party People - Chin

The new Blue Foundation single Lost is pretty nice, though it does sound as if they are returning to their trip-hop roots. Not exactly a fan of that!
Blue Foundation - Lost F. Sara Savery (Prefix Premiere)

Into My Mind, the debut single from Death Valley Sleepers is now available through iTunes! Not sure if this ended up being the final version (anyone?)...
 Death Valley Sleepers - Into My Mind

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