June 12, 2012


It sure was a sad February day three years ago, when Oliver North Boy Choir decided to part ways. Due to various things the break-up was inevitable and after all we did get Tempomatador and The Boombox Hearts instead to sort of weaken the blow. But as great as those new projects are (and they are – I’m not being nice), they have never really reached the glorious heights of ONBC, so when late last year I was told the secret…a secret so secret that I couldn’t pass it on…that the band had reunited and started recording I was pretty excited, to say the least. Then nearly half a year ago I was mailed a copy of first new recording Shadows and got even more excited, as not in my wildest dreams had I imagined that they would be able to come up with anything this stunning; a sheer pop song, so haunting and catchy that it will be stuck in your head for hours and days once you’ve listened to it for 30 seconds. And trust me – I know! So I’ve spent the past six months humming it, badly wanting to share it and writing mails asking when (WHEN) will you guys release it, so I can finally be relieved of this secret. But now it’s finally here…stream it below, find it on Spotify, buy it on iTunes and check back tomorrow (hopefully) for the video!

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